SNMP Gateway

The snmp gateway converts Nimsoft alarms to SNMP-TRAP messages.

It will transform Nimsoft alarm messages to SNMP-TRAP messages readable by any SNMP based event manager. A predefined set of profiles exists for transforming the Nimsoft alarm message to some well-known event managers, such as HP-OpenView's Network Node Manager, CA Unicenter-TNG and BMC CommandPost.


Most SNMP based event managers have capabilities of defining filters based on the incoming object identifier (OID) and the trap information.  The Nimsoft SNMP gateway is capable of mapping the various severity levels to enterprise specific trap types.  This makes it possible to define a number of trap-definitions on the event manager side to recognize the various severity levels.


SNMPGtw v1.11 and above support sending traps with trap_type 0. Due to this, all the pre-configured profiles with traps mapped to '0' start sending traps with trap_type 0.
If traps with trap_type 0 are not required, users need to modify the configured profiles manually. Please refer the probe documentation for more details.

Revision history
Date Description State Version
29.09.2016 What's New:
Added five custom fields as trap variables.

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GA 1.40
18.09.2015 What's New:
First release of the probe for Admin Console GUI

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27.05.2015 Added Features:
Support for pure IPv6.
Default profile for CA Spectrum.
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05.02.2015 Fixed the issue of trailing .0 at the end of the Variable Binds in SNMP Traps generated by the probe. (Salesforce Case: 00151851)
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13.06.2014 Fixed a defect where the log file size is not user-configurable. (Salesforce Case: 131654)
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29.05.2014 Added Met Id as a trap variable in the Setup tab.
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23.08.2012 Fixed the issue showing incorrect source detail while receiving trap in third party Trap Receiver.
30.12.2010 Fixed a defect in reading user tags (if present) from the udata section of alarm messages.
30.09.2010 Upgraded the probe to use latest version of nimsnmp library
Added native support for Windows 64-bit and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit environments
Added support for configuring snmp port for individual profile.
Prohibited use of whitespace in GUI configurator
11.05.2010 Fixed the issue of nas IP being sent as alarm source in case of repost messages 1.12
30.12.2009 Fixed the issue of snmpgtw not sending traps on clear severity alarms.
Fixed the issue of snmpgtw not working for post_message.
07.04.2005 Initial release 1.07
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