Nimsoft SNMP-TRAP Daemon

The snmptd acts as a gateway from the SNMP "world" into Nimsoft.
Most network-devices, such as routers, switches, bridges and so on, are SNMP-driven. The devices will report error-conditions as SNMP-TRAPS, normally sent to a directed udp-port (162) somewhere in the network (usually to a management station such as HP's OpenView Network Node Manager or equivalent).
The snmptd will listen to port 162 (default, but is re-configurable), and convert the incoming traps according to profiles.
The snmptd may also act as a SNMP-TRAP relaying station, spreading the original SNMP-TRAP to one or more management stations.

Installation notes

Please make sure that ports used are free (UDP/162 is the default port).
You may do this by issuing the netstat -an command, and look for something like UDP
If it is present, then something else e.g. OpenView, Compaq Insight Manager etc. is using this port.

When upgrading the probe from version 1.9x to version 2.00 or above, the probe will merge the SNMPv3 and SNMPv2 checkpoints on upgrade. If the checkpoints have same names in SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 sections, then the SNMPv2 checkpoint configuration will take precedence and the SNMPv3 settings will be overridden by SNMPv2 settings.
Revision history
Date Description State Version

What's New:

  • Removed dependency on the end-of-life (EOL) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008.
  • DX UIM now uses Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Updated the probe with Net-SNMP 5.9.1 library.
SHA-256 Checksum: 14c765a3de230abe87f638bd85700774d14712235e74f9d13e672fdfe6a53707
GA 3.40

What's New:

  • Added support for:
    • Configure multiple threshold rules for a PDU variable in a rule and generate alarms for the rules with user defined severity and message.
    • Generate alarms of different severity for number of traps received in the time interval.

Fixed Defects:

  • The probe captured erroneous characters in snmptd trap.log, intermittently. Support case number 724079
  • The probe was unable to process some SNMP v3 traps that included the engine boot, and engine time information. Support case number 683715

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md5sum: fecf769d1afb729b79f8ec5e38b4f157
sha1sum: 55cf45ac25808510fa987507b0feef66d9488a36
21.02.2017 Fixed Defect:
On an IPv6 Linux environment, the probe was unable to capture the SNMP traps.

md5sum: 153b109f7a915d9d60e539180d9814fa
sha1sum: 6a9fb0179c6fcbe966ea273ca9bf65de7064960b
11.01.2017 Fixed Defects:
1. The probe generated illegible alarms for some SNMP traps. Support case number 00522686
2. The probe was unable to decode some community strings and thus crashed. Support case number 00533748
3. The probe was unable to upload MIB files of size greater than 1 MB using the MIB Importer tool. Support case number 00245288

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15.11.2016 What's New:
1. Added support to use the agent address as the alarm source for SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 traps. Support case number 456268.

Fixed Defect:
1. The probe expanded incorrect values for the variable $MIB_DESC in alarm messages for SNMPv1 traps. Support case number 375585.

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26.07.2016 What's New:
1. Added support to configure the name of $VARIABLE_DUMP in the alarm messages. For more information, see Upgrade Considerations. Support case number 438226
2. The enterprise ID length is now supported for 256 characters. This feature is available only for new profiles. Support case number 443990

Fixed Defects:
1. For a v1 trap, the probe did not display correct messages with $MIB_DESC variable on the Alarm Console. Support case number 375585
2. Updated Known Issues and Workarounds to include that Enhance MIB Parsing feature is not supported on SNMP v3 traps. Support case number 00168413

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31.05.2016 What's New:
1. Added support to create multiple profiles from the same MIB file with different Enterprise IDs. Support case number 246125

Fixed Defect:
1. The probe did not display the sysUpTime and snmpTrapOID variables in profiles created from MIB Browser. Support case number 369911

For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer

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01.04.2016 What's New:
Enhanced the alarm messages to display the variable name and value for the $VARIABLE_DUMP variable. The updated alarms are present on UIM and UMP.

Fixed Defects:
1. Added a Note for the alarm suppression key in the snmptd IM Configuration article. Support case number 337261.
2. Added a Note for the unidentified SNMP traps in the snmptd IM Configuration article. Support case number 295071 .

For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer

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26.10.2015 Fixed Defects:
1. When creating a profile, the probe did not retrieve the specific trap number for a vmware trap. Salesforce case 70003379
2. The probe displayed only the default message text in profiles if multiple profiles were created simultaneously. This situation occurs when the Enhanced MIB Parsing feature is enabled. Salesforce case 00170395
3. The probe assigned the default severity to new traps when the Enhanced MIB Parsing feature was enabled. Salesforce case 00166577
4. The probe GUI became unresponsive when performing any action such as saving the probe configuration. Salesforce cases 00162781, 00156506
5. Updated Known Issues and Workarounds for an issue where active profiles are not displayed in the probe configuration interface. Salesforce case 00125427

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15.08.2015 What's New:
1. Added a checkbox (Add PDU Variables Automatically) to automatically add PDU variables in traps to profiles.
Refer the General Setup Window section in the v3.1 snmptd IM GUI Reference article for more information.

Fixed Defect:
Added a known issue where multiple trap profiles cannot be created from the same MIB file with different enterprise identifiers. Salesforce cases: 00163170, 00161291, 00161615.
Refer Known Issue for more information.

For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer

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13.05.2015 Added support for pure IPv6.

Fixed Defect:
1. Probe restarts every time a trap is captured if the alarm suppression key is too long. (Salesforce Case: 00153961)

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20.04.2015 Fixed Defects:
Probe was unable to create more than one new profile for CISCO-BGP4 from the MIB Trap Browser. (Salesforce Case: 00158238).
The IF-MIB:linklUp was displayed under NS-ROOT-MIB in the probe when importing NS-ROOT-MIB.txt from the MIB Setup Wizard. (Salesforce Case: 00150607).
Probe did not display the QoS on number of traps if the probe configuration was saved until a new trap is generated. (Salesforce Case: 00153813).
Default alarm was not generated if alarm text in PDU is blank. (Salesforce Cases: 00155958, 00156323).
Probe did not start if Enhance MIB Parsing was enabled. (Salesforce Cases: 00154624, 00156648).
The SNMP v2 trap profiles in folders moved to the SNMP v2 Traps Unknown MIB folder if Enhance MIB Parsing was enabled and probe was restarted. (Salesforce Case: 00157560)
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14.02.2015 Fixed Defects:
1. sysUpTime and snmpTrapOID were included as numbered variables. Now they are visible as configurable variables for v2 and v3 traps. (Salesforce Case: 00127360)
2. All the trap profiles with the same name but associated with different MIBs are not displayed. (Salesforce Case: 00133041)
3. MIB Trap Browser does not display modules or traps if Enhance MIB Parsing is selected or deselected in General Setup and probe is restarted from within the snmptd interface. (Salesforce Case: 00141428)
4. Alarms for traps have modified and garbled variable values when Remove Double Quotes is selected in General Setup when deployed on the Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS). (Salesforce Case: 00138829)
5. Probe converts only the alphanumeric characters and not all ASCII values. (Salesforce Case: 00148310)
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13.10.2014 1. Fixed a defect where new trap profiles were displayed in different groups after saving the probe configuration and restart. (Salesforce Case: 00138814)
2. Fixed a defect where trap variables were displayed in hexadecimal. (Salesforce Case: 00138835)
3. Fixed a defect where probe GUI was not working while adding similar Engine ID with different case due to case sensitivity.(Salesforce Case: 00141346)
For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer
11.07.2014 Fixed Issue:
1. Added default varbinds for SNMP V2 profiles, which are created from the MIB trap browser. (Salesforce Case: 00127360)

2.Fixed the issue of incorrect parsing of IP address when saving the IP address in a String type variable. (Salesforce Case: 00130094)

3.Fixed the issue of displaying the IP address of the system instead of hostname of the source. (Salesforce Case: 00116197)
For Detailed Release Notes- Please refer
18.04.2014 Fixed Defects:
1.Fixed an issue in the SNMP Trap Monitor dialog where alarms from the snmptd probe displayed IP address instead of hostname for the Hostname field.
2. For SNMP traps, the Rename functionality available on right clicking of a profile is removed. In case, you need to rename a profile, use the Edit option.
For Detailed Release Notes- Please refer
20.01.2014 New Feature
A customized way to read MIBs that enables auto-populating of the severity and message text for traps of supported MIBs. By default, this feature is turned-off.
Fixed Defects Defect fixed related to the import of trap descriptions by implementing the feature. Defect fixed related to garbled text in alarms by adding the support for tha
For Detailed Release Notes- Please refer
11.10.2013 Fixed: Run Time Error observed in a scenario. Fixed: Community string could not typed in. Fixed a defect where varbinds are not expanded properly 3.02
19.06.2013 Added the probe defaults. 3.01
30.05.2013 Added a feature to pre-populates the OIDs to be monitored for unidentified received traps while creating the profile. Added a feature to use the source address or the agent address to associate a trap to a device. Merged the cim_traps profiles and dom_traps profiles with snmptd probe. Added a feature to substitute value codes with pre-defined value meanings i.e.evaluate the varbinds. Added a feature to load / compile a trap MIB (and its MIB dependencies) and add the profile based on the trap definition on the MIB. Added a feature to interpret Compaq Insight Manager so that traps are interpreted correctly. Added a variable $MIB_DESCR to provide the actual trap description defined in he MIB. 3.00
20.07.2012 Fixed the SNMPv2/ SNMPv3 TRAP Details. Fixed memory leaks. Fixed junk character issue that comes on NAS in trap variables. Fixed an issue where MIBs were not uploading well. 2.14
29.03.2011 Rebuilt with latest versions of snmp libraries. (v2.10 had problems with SNMPv3 (authNoPriv, authPriv) on 32 bit Linux systems)
31.12.2010 Added support for internationalization.
Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
Merged the SNMPv2 and V3 sections in GUI and config file. Please refer to the "Installation Notes" section in this release note if upgrading the probe from 1.9x version.
Changed text 'NimBUS' to 'Nimsoft' in the probe GUI.
26.10.2010 Fixed crash issue due to variable 0 defined in variable rules of any profile.
Fixed the issue of MIB loading erros in net-snmp library.
Added fix to unlock the config file while unloading the configurator tool.
Added fix in PDU variable window to avoid zero in 'variable' field.
Added fix in trap details window to display all characters in the variable.
Added code to set a trap name as profile name while creating a profile.
12.10.2010 Added the missing "Remove double-quotes" functionality for string variables in alarm messages.
05.10.2010 Added support for SNMPv3 traps.
Added fix to provide option to remove double-quotes from variable values.
Added fix to support regular expressions in variable rules.
Added fix to send OID information in alarm messages.
Added support to log errors while parsing MIBs.
30.06.2010 Added support for generic profile (to trap all messages).
Added minor GUI fixes.
20.05.2010 Fixed MIB Trap browser issue. 1.71
20.05.2010 Added NIS (TNT2) changes
Fixed Memory leak found in version 1.65.
06.05.2010 Fixed the MIB Trap browser issue (specific IDs).
Increased the GUI timeout when opening MIB Trap Browser.
06.05.2010 Fixed suppression key in cases where a custom suppression key is specified and PDU variable matching is performed with "process all rules" turned off. Probe will no longer append variable number to the suppkey on a PDU variable rule match. If "process all rules" is turned on, there is no change (variable number is appended to suppkey on match).
In order to revert to pre-v1.65 suppression key behaviour when using PDU Variables Rules with custom suppression key, create key /setup/pre165suppkeys = 1 using raw configure.
Fixed suppression key when no variable rules are defined and no custom suppkey is specified (previously the probe sent NULL as suppression key when using the described settings).
06.05.2010 Fixed threshold checking of PDU variables (no translation of enums before processing) 1.64
30.12.2009 Changed handling of OctetString variables in order to support various display formats. 1.62
30.09.2009 Fixed issues with trap monitor on win64.
Added MIB Trap Browser for easy configuration of new traps.
Added translation of PDU variables from integers to enumerated string values in Alarm messages (For example, DiskStatus is defined in a MIB as 1=ok, 2=failed, 3=other" . "Disk Status is 1" will now be "Disk Status is ok").

Fixed logical grouping of SNMPv2 traps (groups SNMPv2 traps on the MIB module that defined the trap).
Allowed multiselect of MIB files when adding MIBs using the MIB Setup Wizard.
Added support for Counter64 in the varbinds.
Fixed various minor GUI issues. Fixed $C (community) variable for use in the alarm messages.
16.03.2009 Fixed memory and handle leak. Fixed closing of TCP sockets.
Empty pdu variable list will always send nimbus alarm on trap match, independent of the 'Send default message on no match' setting.
17.07.2008 Fixed trap source decoding. snmp_pdu transport_data_length changed after update of of nimsnmp 1.53
05.06.2008 Fixed possible crash situation caused by long traps. 1.52
20.12.2007 Fixes:
ip mask entered for host deny could be interpreted as numeric, caused a crash of configurator.
For specific traps, fixed the configurator hang when creating profile from trap monitor.
Nimbus SNMP-TRAP only posted if convert flag is set.
Deletion of MIB files added.
Default message always present, Added checkbox to not send default message if no match on pdu variable rules.
Features added:
In SNMP monitor , copy to clipboard of selected entries, by cltr+c, or from right click menu.
Ctrl+a selects all. QoS added.
Source is IP, and target is the trap name or oid and specific trap number if available. (enterprise specific with oid of enterprise and specific trap type, version 2 with trap object identifier). A Qos will be the number of times a specific trap has been received during the interval. The interval is default 1 minute, and can be set in general setup.
Snmptd listening on multiple ports.
Fixed an error on Linux, causing high cpu usage.
Fixed GUI display error of large values for "Specific trap number" field in SNMP Trap Monitor window.
Fixed GUI run-time error when specifying numeric community string.
07.12.2005 Added possibility to "Process all rules" in the PDU variables section. Added support for 20 PDU variables pr. trap(previously 10). Added right-click menu in PDU variables section which allows user to move the PDU variables up and down. Added support for use of variables on "Message" field in PDU variable section. Added support for use of variables in "Source" and "Suppression key" fields. 1.43
Platform: Please refer to the Platform Support Matrix located in the Download section of
Software: None
Hardware: None