Probe Provisioning Manager

CA Nimsoft Probe Provisioning Manager (PPM)

Provides support for configuration of existing Nimsoft probes through the Admin Console. It is responsible for driving the UIs displayed within Admin Console, and in turn – mapping and persisting config changes initiated by the user to the probes native configuration file. For probes not supported by the PPM, please use the existing Windows based Thick Client or Raw Configuration tool.
The lists of probes supported via Probe Provisioning by ppm v3.45 are: ad_server -1.43,adevl-1.57,apache-1.51,cdm-4.70,controller-7.80,data_engine-8.50,dhcp_response-3.22,dirscan-3.05,dns_response-1.64,email_response-1.42,emailgtw-2.70, exchange_monitor-4.01,iis-1.53,logmon-3.23,lync_monitor-1.0, ntevl-3.82,ntperf-1.83,ntperf64-1.83,ntservices-3.11,perfmon-1.51,printers-2.53 sharepoint-1.51,smsgtw-3.01,spooler-7.80,sql_response-1.60,url_response-4.13


The PPM is a component of Probe Provisioning.The probe only needs to be deployed in Nimsoft installations that are using Probe Provisioning. Deployment of PPM has the following expectations: Service stack for Probe Provisioning is already installed and operational.This consists of
  • service_host
  • admin_console
  • ids_services
  • monitoring_services
  • at least one deployment of ppm
  • PPM is only deployed onto Hubs as outlined in ‘System Requirements’ and ‘Software Requirements’.The expectation here is that either a pre-existing deployment of the probe is being updated, or an additional instance is being deployed.
  • For I18N environments – All robots under the Hub that PPM resides on must be using the same character setting. When PPM interacts with deployed probes, it assumes the probe is using the same character set that it is.
  • For L10N setups – an archive with the ppm package must be co-located on a Hub the PPM is deployed upon. Probe Provisioning (monitoring_services) is currently limited to pulling the localization bundles from the ppm package off of an archive co-located with PPM. Once the bundle has been pulled, monitoring_services will no longer search for the bundles. (i.e., It’s enough to just launch a probes UI via Probe Provisioning against a single target with the co-located archive containing the PPM package. The pulled language bundles are then used for all other requests for that particular probe UI.)

  • Performance

    Regarding performance, the OOB settings are based on the following scenario:
  • The ppm was used to manage at least 250 instances of the cdm probe
  • The last 250 distinct probe targets for management via Probe Provisioning are cached within PPM.

  • In addition to the number of distinct targets that PPM is asked to support Probe Provisioning for, other factors that influence performance are:
  • The number of concurrent requests to targeted probes,
  • The response time of targeted probes, and
  • The footprint of the adapter used for managing a targeted probes configuration.

  • With the exception of the adapter footprint, there are no settings that can influence PPMs behavior for concurrent requests or how long it takes targeted probes to respond. In the case of concurrent requests, requests will be blocked till the PPM can handle and respond to the request.
    Regarding adapter footprint, if you find that PPM runs out of memory when it’s attempting to fully populate the cache of 250 targets, increase the memory settings (please refer to the ‘Advanced Configuration’ section). Note: this should only be likely in scenarios where most of the targets have a footprint that is larger than that used by CDM targets
    Revision history
    Date Description State Version
    • Released with UIM 20.1.
    MD5 Checksum: 77811386982d5c5f17ef49803cd18143
    SHA-1 Checksum: 499c02a5f17d507525b84fbf8d2269c8a1476364
    GA 20.10

    (Included in CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.2.0)

    What's New:

    • Enhanced the NimSubscribe method for Java probes which enables subscribing to the hub queue.
    • Improved the probe by fixing multiple internal defects.
    MD5 Checksum: 96d7dad787f7955530d3799265321aec
    SHA-1 Checksum: cb4663ac78eb51507194c22555c9648052cd44c1

    What’s New:

    • Added support for oi_connector probe.

    For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer


    Note: Support case(s) may not be viewable to all

    MD5 Checksum: 1d5f8ea4a98aa1020ed10016db96480a
    SHA-1 Checksum: 36acb3a0a7423ae865dab2043f73ec29b0cdfce0
    • Updated this probe as part of removing dependency on the end-of-life (EOL) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables in CA UIM 9.0.2. CA UIM 9.0.2 now uses Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.
    • Updated this probe as part of addressing CVE-2018-13820 and CVE-2018-13819 vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2.
    MD5 Checksum: 84de2c3f974451f55ead8519d7ada812
    SHA-1 Checksum: 88231134a6ec5cd0c04bf88f6e6b33d792a521d4

    Fixed Defects:

    • Added support for:
      • axagateway probe
      • AES-128 encryption library

    For Detailed Release Notes-Please refer to


    Note: Support case(s) may not be viewable to all

    md5sum: d54c51694432db4d801809004c959c5d
    sha1sum: ab009694edbfe692a089a14c1028dab31c7d153b
    02.03.2017 Released with UIM 8.5.1

    md5sum: 23d536af79ee7dd0bf242ced09a7a2c3
    sha1sum: 223b0b96f8e75e86c727c6556099bc58e9fc2a6d
    21.12.2016 Fixed Issues:

    1. Subsystem Id entries for adapters/probe framework probes.
    2. Support for new metrics for DB2 adapter.
    3. Defect fix for data engine adapter.
    4. Fix for problem reported in support case 00411709.
    27.09.2016 Released with 8.47

    md5sum: 31061423ef2e91d88c26c0d069f31941
    sha1sum: 88c8b3799718423b28a74488d5d63306fd44c9bb
    10.02.2016 Released with 8.40

    md5sum: e393b9aa05ac1d0280511593bc308991
    sha1sum: 1c23cd084463dcd2e79bbb1bc24bdce758e30c85
    31.12.2015 Updated ctd-transform v2.8.6 3.24
    06.10.2015 Fixed Defects for Exchange_monitor and Celerra Probe. 3.23
    03.08.2015 Changes in PPM to enable threshold migration for set operation. 3.22
    01.07.2015 Updated for:
    Performance changes pertaining to sql_response and threshold_migrator probe
    03.06.2015 Added feature to support decimal value UI type inside Ntperf64
    Added support to enable decoupling for Ntperf64
    Added support for localization inside perform
    31.03.2015 Enhanced to support Centralized threshold components 3.11
    31.03.2015 Released with UIM version 8.2

    md5sum: f55bbb836b67a90ba61decd133dc2201
    sha1sum: 0bb2911c1460cac9010df7a8501ee350ebeac41a
    10.02.2015 Fixed memory hogging issue whenever PPM was configured from adminconsole UI 3.04
    31.12.2014 Added implementation for IIS minimal graph.
    Support added for webservicemon adapter (version 1.25 onwards)
    Fixed defects
    30.09.2014 Release includes:
    1. Localization support for Ntevl & Adevl
    2. Added some metrics in Disk, Network & Memory section for CDM
    3. Updated QOS section of probe web GUIs for Time Over Threshold and Time To Threshold.
    30.09.2014 Release includes:
    1. Localization support for Ntevl & Adevl
    2. Added some metrics in Disk, Network & Memory section for CDM
    3. Updated QOS section of probe web GUIs for Time Over Threshold and Time To Threshold.
    • Bundled with UIM 8.0

    Md5sum: d4e0e9a796220d141d83bafc2a8f4d82
    sha1sum: c23e907a00b75da93c42ab22ed448c63df7292ad
    31.07.2014 Updated for BNPP 2.36
    30.07.2014 Fixed a defect related to cdm probe AdminConsole gui where iostat specific qos were not getting generated. 2.35
    01.07.2014 Added Web GUI support for following probes
    cisco_ucm -1.70 ,e2e_appmon-2.20,jobs- 1.36,jobqs-1.12,notes_response-2.31

    release include:
    5 new adapters

    02.06.2014 Added support for icmp probe 2.30
    01.05.2014 Add support for specifying the subsystem ID to be used for QOS dynamic threshold alarms
  • MD5 sum: 474145f732412ef6cda7106d31eaca5c
  • SHA-1 checksum: ee9f333ed25a05c4b933a0b5a4995f80b3af0981
  • 2.27
    31.03.2014 Added support for CDM-Iostat,ad_server.Oracle RAC features. 2.26
    19.03.2014 Added support for CDM-Iostat and ad_server features 2.23
    31.12.2013 Release Includes Major & Minor Defect Fixes. Miscellaneous UI texxt/messaging/LION cleanup.15 new adapters included Diracan,logmon & Printers enchancement with CTDV2 2.22
  • Archive package for the Nimsoft Monitor 7.10 release.
  • MD5 checksum: cc0aa1e69c5b3612951594f44671bc6c
  • SHA-1 checksum: 7ab62abd64e41aa2447fba520d710c4270f54ed9
  • 2.20
    03.07.2013 Release includes support for SNMPCollector 2.04
    08.05.2013 Defect fixes and implementation of DAG feature in Ex_Monitor CTD 2.03
    04.04.2013 Release includes support for additional probes 2.02
    Platform: Please refer to the Platform Support Matrix located in the Download section of http://support.nimsoft.com
    Software: Nimsoft Monitor Server version 6.5,Nimsoft Hub version 5.82
    Hardware: None