Web Services REST API

Web Service REST SDK is used to access Nimsoft functions. This service replaces the legacy web service found on the client install pages on NMS Server. This service is required to be installed on a robot where the wasp probe is running.
Revision history
Date Description State Version

(Released as part of DX UIM 20.4.0.)

  • Resolved an issue where the webservices_rest APIs stopped working after users upgraded from 20.1.0 to 20.3.0. (Support Case: 32699139)
  • Resolved an issue where the webservices_rest APIs were giving "HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error" when users were trying to run any API call. (Support Case: 32438516)
SHA-256 Checksum: 6cbca5e2d612f1ae68d7853632817179435cb7fbf4531a35e94ebcdb99826c37
GA 20.40
  • Updated to be in sync with UIM 20.3.
MD5 Checksum: bb78d6efd2b666088825e5312c36357c
SHA-1 Checksum: 2104e1ffe84812a5020d95b2b40392e8fca3f00d
  • Updated to be in sync with UIM 20.1.
MD5 Checksum: 659053c54ad216021a1ef608e96ede19
SHA-1 Checksum: a1a07211fd9b691b9d7b5d164820febd3792bcae
  • Updated to be in sync with CA UIM 9.2.0.
MD5 Checksum: 5b0296c9e3574d902d0d5828007c52b1
SHA-1 Checksum: 5acf21ca9c9157c3a48d117a5751af009eb20841
02.03.2017 Updated UIM RESTful Web Services for use with UIM 8.5.1 and later.

md5sum: abb90e71d89ef4bd7b4ccb542f40e606
sha1sum: e57fe1b74a79ed511168d839c02c7f28d7910a28
  • Fixed an issue in which the UMP robot could not find the trellis probe if the UMP robot was not under the primary hub (for example, a secondary UMP running on a secondary hub).
  • Fixed an issue in which certain alarm calls would fail with a 500: Internal Server Error.
  • Fixed an issue in which user_tag1 and user_tag2 were not populated in the database when an alarm was created.

md5sum: 96efbb97e05405ef9685bc65f804d371
sha1sum: 023a0092c0c45a14b4af5569a4ea0e5eb4f28677
16.02.2016 IMPORTANT NOTE:
webservices_rest v8.40 now has a dependency on wasp v8.40. wasp v8.40 is packaged with UMP v8.4; therefore, in order to use this version of webservices_rest both UIM and UMP need to be upgraded to v8.4.
  • Add support for grouping. Allows both Bus and Account Contact users to perform group management. (US51023)
  • Alarm management updated to use EMS endpoint. (US45888)
md5sum: 47ec71dc5fd14d9f7c58543ff9f60f83
sha1sum: eccc50a9b024d5d524c15ef15230f82b22910992
02.10.2015 - Account contact users no longer see hubs and robots outside of their own origin.
- A successful createAlarm call now returns 204 No Content instead of the pre-enrichment alarm ID.

md5sum: ef4efd26906c5bdba4d17327d9d26b4b
sha1sum: 3858f2e26f17473249001843aa8fb4f17fdc14f0
10.08.2015 Fixed the following defects:
-REST API documentation has incorrect syntax for 'Add Computer Systems to an Active Window' call and 'Get CI Definition' call
-Add documentation for NIMID being different when creating and viewing alarms.
-The gethubs call returns hubs in other domains.
-The REST call to clone and link an acl to an LDAP group does not appear to actually create the link.
- A documentation update was required to specify the correct payload input.
- As a REST API user, I would like a call to return computer system ID's and keys for a given computer system name or IP.
-Update Contact calls to update liferay information if running on an UMP system.
13.04.2015 Fixed the following defects DE41969 An Account must have at least 1 origin at all times. DE18635 Fixed update does not add new origins. DE42232 Fixed add origin to account allows empty string, white space, and duplicate origins. DE42098 Duplicate origins are removed from user input and not entered in cm_account_ownership table. DE42098 Added dependency on wasp to info.pkg file so users have better information in ADE log for failed deployment due to missing wasp package. DE32206 REST API loses precision on large QoS data sample values. 2.17
09.02.2015 Fixed: Null pointer in REST service alarms call http://<nimsoft server>/rest/alarms

Md5sum: 71ab97cf7d8f009581303f415357c474
Sha1sum: 5f3eab643ea2ca87b893060a03477a29eb48195f

Fixed: Performance issue with REST API Get Filtered list of Alarms Fixed: REST API: Alarm attributes missing after 2.14 upgrade Fixed: REST API: Create a New ACL does not show in UMP
Md5sum: 0e1373aad125caa2bb15382b0cf7ac26
sha1sum: 21f39098c39a3e68a1309ddf9869c482c8a2ee8f


-Fixed: REST call can lead to HTTP 500 - defined known issue in the REST API 2.13 docs -Fixed: RESTful api returns different list of alarms from probe utitlity and nas GUI -Fixed: REST call does not return invisible alarms even asked to

Md5sum: 03ad53bb2bb748cc0b296c8f093d046d
sha1sum: 932fb5c7c50f04d4029ff761a7ec37e901dab24b

Updated Nimsoft RESTful Web Services. New REST API features:

  • Added REST API for Maintenance Mode.
  • Added call to REST API QoS data retrieval to retrieve QoS Constraint IDs for a SLO.
  • Added REST API for Enriched Origins.
  • MD5 checksum: ccd908a656edd526407a781235e4fea2
  • SHA-1 checksum: 74286151848d20051bdb429ee674c924391c2b0c
  • 2.13
  • Corrected return codes for ACLs and Accounts (on Deletes and Updates).
  • Add and Remove Origins on accounts added.
  • Defect fixes.
  • MD5 Signature: a27747c27d1270dc306fbd6e7d7cad99
  • SHA-1 Signature: fe5c951979c91f1a3c653c85d4b167f2d1a45b82
  • 2.12
    • Add support for posted content in JSON format
    • MD5 Signature: b5b27a3440fec5bbe57c85e28bf844ae
    06.03.2013 - Added calls for Configuration Item (CI) data retrieval. 2.10
    10.10.2012 Fixed nested PDS handling with similar key in REST calls
    Fixed return value of rest call to automated_deployment_engine
    Fixed return from failed authentication to not return stack trace
    29.06.2012 Fix to getAlarmsInternationalized() (language instead of arg0)
    Fix to getConfigurationValue and to getValue.
    Fix to QOS functions to return JSON if requested
    Added invokeMethod2 that uses PDS input and output (NimPds)
    Created common library for REST and SOAP interfaces
    Platform: Same as WASP
    Software: Requires NMS Server 5.1 or later and UMP 2.1 or later
    Hardware: None