Cisco QOS probe

The Nimsoft cisco_qos probe performs SNMP GET queries to Cisco SNMP devices supporting the Cisco class-based QoS MIB, transforming the query result into alarms and/or Quality of Service for SLA purposes. Users can configure the profile to their requirements in order to integrate the device seamlessly into the Nimsoft monitoring solution.
The cisco_qos probe includes a UI to configure the probe. The probe supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.

This component requires Nimsoft Robot 3.00 or newer.

Installation notes

1. Install the package into your local archive.
2. Drop the package from your local archive onto the targeted robot.
3. Double-click the probe for initial configuration.

Known issues

Prior to version 1.05, the probe did not take into account that the same service policy could be applied in both directions (input and output) on the same interface. When upgrading to version 1.05, alarms will get new suppression ids and QoS targets will change in order for the probe to take the service policy direction into account.
Revision history
Date Description State Version
05.02.2015 Fixed Defects:
1.The probe was restarting randomly. (Salesforce Case: 00130736)
2. The probe was not able to increase the logsize greater than 100 KB. (Salesforce Case:00149552)
For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer

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Unsupported 1.23
14.06.2012 Fixed SOC Defect. 1.22
24.01.2011 Added fixes to web-based Service Oriented Configuration.
31.12.2010 Added support for internationalization.
Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
Added support for Web-based Service Oriented Configuration (SOC).
12.11.2010 Changes to libraries with respect to configuration locking.
30.06.2010 Made changes to libraries with respect to configuration locking.
18.03.2010 Added support for extended NIS database information 1.10
13.01.2010 Fixed automatic remapping of indexes. 1.08
14.07.2009 Added QoS and Alarm Identification settings (Host Address or Profile Name). 1.07
22.04.2009 Increased SNMPWalk limitation from 300 to 3000 entries. 1.06
17.04.2009 Fixed discovery and configuration of service policies in cases where the same service policy is applied in both directions (input and output) on the same interface.
Changed suppression id of alarms to reflect servicepolicy direction.
Changed QoS target names to reflect servicepolicy direction.
Fixed displaying of classmap thresholds.
02.04.2009 Initial version. 1.04
Platform: Please refer to the Platform Support Matrix located in the Download section of
Software: The target SNMP agent must support the MIB-II ifTable and CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB.
Requires Nimsoft Robot 3.00 or newer.
Hardware: None