Cisco Unified CallManager

Cisco Unified CallManager is the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco IP Telephony solution that manages IP telephony devices and call services over a data network. It provides many functions, such as managing call setup, controlling devices, and collecting statistics on call quality. It can manage IP phones, media processing devices, voice gateways, and multimedia applications.
The Cisco CallManager system extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as:
  • IP phones
  • Media processing devices
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways
  • Multimedia applications

Additional data, voice, and video services interact through Cisco CallManager's open telephony application programming interface (API):
  • Unified messaging
  • Multimedia conferencing
  • Collaborative contact centers
  • Interactive multimedia response systems

The Nimsoft cisco_ucm probe

The Nimsoft cisco_ucm probe is a tool for managing the health and performance of your CallManager systems and services.

The probe is able to monitor all performance counters and services (checkpoints) available on defined hosts running Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) or Cisco Unity Connection.
The probe also includes a UI, which can be used to:

  • Configure the general properties of the probe.
  • Define the hosts to be monitored. Group folders can be created to place the hosts in logical groups.
  • Activate the checkpoints to be monitored and set the monitoring conditions for these checkpoints.
  • Create your own alarm messages.
  • Monitor the different checkpoints. The measured values will be presented as a graph
  • Extend the monitoring checkpoints to include your own Cisco performance objects.

The probe is QoS-enabled, supporting the Nimsoft SLA system. It will send QoS data on profiles where it has been enabled.

Installation notes

The following services are needed by the probe:
  • Cisco AXL Web Service
  • SOAP Real-Time Service APIs
  • SOAP Performance Monitoring APIs

There might be more UC Applications that support the AXL Serviceability interface. Cisco does not yet have any official support/documentation for this interface (on applications other than UCM), but if it is available, please refer to the same.


The probe needs to run on a Windows Robot in order for the "Custom CAR Analysis Reporting" functionality to operate.
Revision history
Date Description State Version
23.04.2018 Beta 2.00

Fixed Defects:

  • On upgrade, the probe automatically reset the MsgServices alarm message to default values. Support case number 632474
  • The probe did not modify the severity of MsgError alarms for host failures when the severity was modified in the probe configuration interface. Support case number 657025
  • Updated cisco_ucm Metrics with information about monitors of the following products supported by the probe. Support case number 703602
    • Cisco Unity
    • Cisco Presence
    • Cisco Contact Center
md5sum: 7845928dfd817ff87c56375033cb2fce
sha1sum: 5c5985e8b446b0258c82f739bb2cfec0b9c0167b
GA 1.92
11.01.2017 Fixed Defect:
- The probe deleted the failureCounterValue key from the Raw Configuration section, when the configuration changes were done using the Infrastructure Manager interface. Support case numbers 595627, 617622.
- The probe was unable to apply the configuration changes applied through the Publish Data option in the Admin Console interface. Support case numbers 620672

For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
12.08.2016 Added support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 11.x

Fixed Defect:
Updated the Probe Specific Software Requirements section with the Cisco UCM services required for monitoring. Support case number 246104

For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
11.04.2016 What's New:
1. Added support to use MySQL as the database for CAR monitoring.
2. Added support to monitor up to 128 services simultaneously. The earlier versions of the probe only monitored a maximum of 64 services.

For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
04.01.2016 Fixed Defects:
1. Updated the Known Issues section with limitation on backend database support to insert CAR details in NIS SLM database. Support case number 246464
2. The thresholds were not updated on any of the monitors when modified templates were reapplied. Support case number 246048
For more information, see the Upgrade Considerations.
3. The probe displayed a yellow triangle and did not send alarms for missing checkpoints. Support case number 246088
For more information, see the Upgrade Considerations.

For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
Note: Salesforce case(s) may not be viewable to all
10.02.2015 Fixed Defects:
1. The probe was not able to overwrite the default value for the Logfile Size field. (Salesforce Case: 00144671)
2. Default authentication message in profiles was incorrectly displayed as MsgError instead of MsgAuthError. (SalesForce Case: 00144674)
3. The profile status was always displayed green irrespective of the session state. (SalesForce Case: 00144690)
4. Starting and stopping states in alarm messages were displayed as running. (SalesForce Case: 00147705)

For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
Note:Salesforce case(s) may not be viewable to all
31.07.2014 Fixed a defect where the probe Infrastructure Manager (IM) GUI displayed AXL support and the document mentioned AXL as a prerequisite. (Salesforce Case: 00138332).
For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
14.07.2014 Added an option for configuring the log file size through the IM probe GUI. (Salesforce Case: 00131408).
For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
10.06.2014 Added support for:
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager) version 10.x.
Cisco Unity Connection version 10.x.
Cisco Unified Presence version 10.x.
For Detailed Release Notes- Please Refer
16.11.2011 Added support for viewing phone list information
Added support for viewing product information monitored by a profile
Added support for configuring QoS and Alarm source
Added support for configuring negative values as threshold
Removed the extra activation check box from CAR Monitor screen
Wildcard functionality is removed while creating template.
Fixed memory leak.
Fixed high cpu utilization
14.06.2011 Added a combo box for time zone offset
20.05.2011 Fixed the timezone defect.
Added new feature to take input of the data engine address from the user.
18.02.2011 Fixed collection of monitor values.
Improved collection and handling of automonitors.
Fixed duplicate naming issue in template (same countername used in different objects).
Fixed missing data_engine issue (CAR/CDR data into SLM DB).
Fixed GUI issues on CAR report form.
Allow negative Timezone offset in CAR Profile
31.12.2010 Added support for internationalization.
Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
02.12.2010 Added a fix to check the existence of service on the host node(s) when deploying services on that host node(s).
Added support for call data record analysis.
Implemented Automatic monitoring of new instances
Enhanced the cisco_ucm probe callbacks with data formatting supported by SDP.
Fixed minor GUI defect.
30.06.2010 Added support for Cisco Unity Connection's NIS database information.
21.06.2010 Added fix in GUI to properly save the monitor key while using templates.
21.06.2010 Added support for extended NIS database information.
14.04.2010 Added fix in GUI for proper saving of the monitor key properly while using templates. 1.25
31.03.2010 Added support for Cisco Unity Connection (2.x, 7.x). 1.30
31.03.2010 Added code to create and deploy a template with wildcard functionality based on instance.
Fixed the discovery of categories and counters.
21.01.2010 Added wild card functionality. 1.23
21.01.2010 Added fix to remove host node name from the monitoring object key.
Added fix to show QoS blank if it is disabled or set OFF.
Added fix to redeploy template properly.
Added sample template.
17.11.2009 Added $state variable in message pool.
Added alarm message when host authentication fails.
Added fix in GUI to select multiple call manager process node and create one profile for each node.
30.09.2009 Added template driven features. 1.20
17.06.2009 Fixed QoS description for QOS_PROCESS_CPU 1.11
29.04.2009 Fixed potential program failure (on concurrent calls to GetServiceStatus and CollectSessionData) . 1.10
26.03.2008 Fixed initialization of curl library.
Added logging of thread ids.
Added aditional logging at loglevel
Fixed potential program failure when doing delta calculations. Improved handling of returned values from the axl web service.
14.12.2007 Fixed memory leak. 1.07
09.11.2007 Fixed library issues.
Fixed minor GUI issues.
Fixed potential hang/crash after "Add Profile" wizard.
Fixed response on authentication failures in "Add Profile" wizard.
Fixed memory leak (when no services was being monitored).
Fixed crashing issue when monitoring large number of checkpoints.
Fixed $variables in message pool.
Added error messages when no nodes where found during Add Profile Wizard.
Fixed Drag'n'Drop of Profiles between Groups.
Fixed various minor GUI issues.
05.09.2007 Changed handling of QoS's
Fixed update of connection state in GUI.
Fixed memory leak (if wrong username/password/)
Initial version
Platform: Please refer to the Platform Support Matrix located in the Download section of
Software: Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x
Cisco Unity Connection 2.x, 7.x, 8.x
Cisco Unified Presence 7.x, 8.x
Cisco Contact Center Express 8.x
Hardware: None